SKY Classes


SKY Reformer is one of the major pieces of equipment with an extensive repertoire providing a full body workout. This class builds on the key Pilates principles of core strength and fluidity of movement. It challenges to core, coordination, focus and balance.  

Reformer Cardio Circuit

SKY reformer & cardio circuit classes are perfect for all fitness levels. Circuit training improves conditioning and muscular endurance. It also challenges our cardiovascular fitness creating a healthy and toned body. Enjoy circuit training, utilising reformer Pilates equipment and cardio equipment to see great results.

Tone, Stretch, Release (TSR)

TSR class comprises of toning, stretching and releasing the body. The class starts with a warm-up and toning phase practising Mat Pilates on the Mat using some apparatus. The focus is to help develop the principles of Pilates with movements connecting the mind and body. Followed by stretching and lengthening of the muscles using either the mat or on the reformer bed, releasing the muscles and body of toxins using the foam roller to finish. You will feel revitalized and more in tune with your body after TSR classes.

Prenatal Reformer*

Prenatal classes are low impact reformer classes that help strengthen your body and overall endurance in preparation for labour. Classes will focus on Pilates breathing techniques, and toning of the pelvic floor and core muscles.

These classes will also encourage the body’s recovery after birth.

Postnatal Reformer**

Postnatal reformer Pilates is an ideal way to recover after the birth of your baby. The focus is on restoring abdominal and pelvic muscles, improve posture and to help overcome back/pelvic girdle pain while improving your overall fitness and strength. Bubs are welcome to join you in class.

*Doctors clearance is needed for participants to attend

**No previous Pilates experience is required

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