SKY Classes

SKY Reformer

(Suitable for Pre- & Postnatal)*

SKY Reformer builds on the key Pilates principles of core strength and fluidity of movement. It provides a full-body workout and challenges coordination, focus and balance. This class is suitable for all levels including novice and experts as well as Pre* and post-natal* clients.

Barre/Reformer Combo

(Suitable for Pre- & Postnatal)*

This class is designed to get the heart and body pumping!! Mixing both Reformer and Barre elements into one class you will feel the burn in this upbeat fun moving class.

Jump Boards

Suited more to intermediate levels Jump boards reformer is a little more intense, with a faster pace adding a cardio element to your Pilates session. Jump boards will leave you feeling energised and a little bit sweaty!

Strength Reformer

This class is suitable if you are a regular Pilates reformer goer with an intermediate to advanced level of fitness particularly if you are looking to increase muscle strength. Using heavier resistance and smaller reps per exercise, this class will give you the extra pump you're looking for.

Private Pilates Session

(Suitable for Pre- & Postnatal)*

Private sessions utilise all the equipment in the studio. We create a program of exercises tailored directly towards your body, needs and abilities, helping you reach your goals.

Mums and Bubs*

Postnatal reformer Pilates is an ideal way to recover after the birth of your baby. The focus is on restoring abdominal and pelvic muscles, improve posture and to help back/pelvic girdle recovery. Bubs are welcome to join mums up until they are of crawling age.

*Doctors clearance is needed for participants to attend
(Prenatal clients must have a doctor’s clearance before attending these classes please contact us for more information. Post-natal clients are also welcomed to join these classes however we ask that bubs stay at home for these classes. Bubs are only welcome to join in our Mums & Bubs classes)

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